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Kletta A+ Combo.

Kletta App + Kletta Accountant
+ Self-Assessment Tax return in one service

Kletta A+ Combo includes:

Easy-to-use Kletta app to scan your expense receipts, issue invoices, track & claim mileages and much more – everything needed to run your business.


Unlimited access to Kletta Accountant who is there to help you whatever questions you might have – you can simply book a consultation call or write an in-app chat message to your Accountant as often as you want.


Self assessment tax return prepared and filed by Kletta Accountant – to ensure that you are compliant with HMRC requirements.

Kletta A+ Combo.

Kletta App + Kletta Accountant + 
Assessesment Tax return in one Service.

 £42 monthly,
 £420 annually.

Free 1 month Trial then,

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Why Kletta?

Kletta features

With a full accounting toolkit your Sole Trader clients have everything they need in one place to keep accurate records up to date, putting you in a great position to save time and add value whilst providing excellent customer service and support with great features such as in-app chat and remote access to your clients app.

App Features

See our comparison chart.

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Marc Wigley, the Gardener

Mark The Gardener.png

Midlands, United Kigndom

At Midlands, Marc the Gardener loves the fact that the Kletta App enables him to manage his business finances easily whilst on the move. 


It includes the ability to record mileage accurately, snap photographs of receipts, instantly issue an invoice to a customer, and if necessary get paid immediately with card payment. 


With Kletta help and support when needed I do know how much to save regularly to meet my income tax bill.  I highly recommend Kletta. 

With best wishes,

Marc Wigley

Kletta A+ Combo.

Joining with Kletta takes only minutes.

Please fill in your contact information below and a Kletta Accountant will call you to get you started with Kletta A+ Combo.

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Every day as a small business is better with Kletta.

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