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Kletta the accounting toolkit for Sole Traders.

Run your daily business better using Kletta 
- with your office in your back pocket

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Kletta helps you to run your business better - if you work as a Sole Trader, under CIS or are a Landlord.

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Everyday as a small business is better with Kletta. 

From keeping track of expenses and travel, to easy invoicing and taking payments, Kletta gives visibility and control of your cashflow at all times giving you the business insights you’ve always wanted and the support every small business owner needs. We have your record keeping covered making your ITSA tax return simple to complete.

With the Kletta app you can now run your business from your phone - you have your office in your back pocket.

Key features

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Invoicing made easy

With Kletta you can create invoices easily on your phone, issue receipts and take card payments to complete the sale - giving you everything you need as small business to make sales admin easy for you and your customers, giving you immediate insights into your cashflow position.

CIS workers -  the Kletta app has also been designed with your needs in mind to make your life easier too with ability to create CIS invoices which reflect your status.

Visit the CIS section to find out more.

See our 'how to create an invoice' video on youtube

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Track your mileage

Making a journey for work? Visiting a client site meeting or dropping off materials?

Kletta makes it simple to record your travel for mileage expense claims by easily recording your journey at the time, or by claiming your mileage at a later date. 


Doing so records your journey as a business expense – making managing travel expense admin so much easier.  Everything is done in the Kletta app as you use it daily… meaning no more lengthy mileage calculations and adding rows into a spreadsheet at the end of the month.

With Kletta every day business is better!

Claim your mileage

Drive for work and forgot to track your mileage?


With Kletta it is easy to claim the mileage at your office or even home later the day

- it just takes a minute.

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Scan receipts easily

With Kletta managing expenses is so easy!

– simply take a photo of your expense receipt, review and save… it automatically becomes recorded as an expense, adjusting with in app the business funds available so helping you to manage your business cash flow better. 

Recording keeping for travel and expenses has never been so easy for small businesses before!


Every day your business gets better with Kletta.

Accept card payments

With Kletta create easily sales invoices then complete the sale by taking card payments with a SumUp card reader, issue receipt for a great customer experience. 


Card payments show in the bank account typically within 24 hours


You can register and order your SumUp reader through Kletta SumUp page.

Accept card payments
In-App Chat 2.0.png

In-app chat 

Kletta makes it super easy for you and your accountant to communicate via our in app chat function.

Simply open a chat with your account and they can directly help you with any issue you have – even with the ability to take control of your app once given permission from their Kletta dashboard and edit your records in support of your business. Every day business gets better with Kletta.

Every year business gets better with Kletta.

Connect Your bank account 

With Kletta you have the choice to connect your to your bank account to see all your business related bank account transactions within the app


Not ready, no problem -  use Kletta for daily business tasks and keep all your records managed within the app, simply mark sales Invoices as ‘paid’ when bank payments are received.


Connect your bank account when you’re ready for fully automated business-related bank account transactions reconciliation – payments will show related invoice as paid and as available cashflow.

Connect bank account
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Self Assessment tax returns

Using Kletta is so easy in daily use running your business. Sending invoices, making sales and managing travel and expenses Kletta keeps you updated at all times managing your cash flow better.

By year end, it is easier than ever to complete your Income Tax Self Assessment.

Every year business gets better with Kletta.

See our comparison chart.

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In our mission at Tandem Business Solutions to support Sole Traders and business start ups, we always recommend the Kletta App to our clients.

We simply love the fact that the functionality of the App identifies and satisfies the needs of a Sole Trader.

This means we can further support our clients whenever needed, simply by logging into their app. The level of support Kletta enables my practice to offer our client base is a real win-win scenario for all.

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, 

Tandem Business Solutions Ltd

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Great Feedback from Sole Trader Clients  

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, Tandem Business Solutions

In this clip, Stewart Brown, the Director of Tandem Business Solutions, shares some positive feedback he's received from clients about Kletta, a piece of software for small sole trader businesses. One client who switched from another solution to Kletta found it much easier to use and was thrilled with the software. Another client, who had limited experience with software, was able to hit the ground running with Kletta and quickly got the hang of it. Brown is encouraged by this feedback and is confident in the software's ability to help businesses streamline their accounting processes. If you're looking for software to manage your small business finances, you might want to give Kletta a try based on these positive reviews.

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