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has been designed to help managing and servicing your Sole Trader clients easier, more efficient, and effective than ever before, saving you valuable time.


Within your dedicated Portal you able to invite your clients to join Kletta, and easily onboard them in minutes – they can immediately start using the app and gathering information all in one place for a great joint experience. 

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In-App Chat 2.0.png

Within the portal you have available in app chat – so no more lengthy email conversations back and forth, both you and your clients can ask and answer questions in easy conversation, and with our grant access feature, you can take control of inputs on behalf of your clients – for error free, straight forward issue resolution.

From the portal dashboard you can see an overview of all your sole traders activity and choose individual accounts to access and manage – it really is a great accounting experience.


Each day accounting for Sole Traders becomes better with Kletta.

Kletta for Accountants.

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Dedicated Portal - Kletta for accountants Dashboard becomes the hub of your sole trader business admin.

In App chat - support your sole traders instantly.

Remote access - control the input in your clients app.

Invite clients directly from the Portal - they receive invitation and follow onboarding steps.

Dedicated Kletta support for practises with Kletta 'Partner pack' of resources and guides to support your and your sole traders journey.

Kletta Media pack to enable you to market and grow your Kletta sole trader practice.

Kletta Community - beyond newsletters adn normal annual timelines. We will provide opportunity for your partners to exchange ideas and mutual support your "Kletta Accounting hub" from within your portal.

Why Kletta?

Partnering with Kletta means making your Sole Trader services easier to provide and support than ever.

Kletta features

With a full accounting toolkit your Sole Trader clients have everything they need in one place to keep accurate records up to date, putting you in a great position to save time and add value whilst providing excellent customer service and support with great features such as in-app chat and remote access to your clients app.

App Features

See our comparison chart.

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Kletta integrations.

Kletta API Integrations.png

Bank connections.

With Kletta your Sole Traders have the choice to connect their bank accounts to see all their business related bank account transactions within the app.

Connected bank accounts will show fully automated reconciled business related transactions – payments will show the related invoice as paid and available balance from cashflow in app and the practice portal.

If Sole Traders are not ready to connect their bank account then, no problem – use Kletta for daily business tasks and keep all records managed within the app. 


Simply mark sales invoices as Paid in app when bank payments are received to update the business’ cashflow position.

Connect bank account 2.png

Partnership offering.

Kletta for Accountants.

Kletta offers partners a fully supported 3 month FREE trial.

We will support you in onboarding your sole traders & be on hand for any questions you may have.

We do this with a Partner Enablement Program kick-off meeting to plan your next steps and support your success with monthly review meetings - utilising our Partner Pack of resources containing e-mail templates, onboarding presentations, user guides, library of support videos and other great content for you and your sole traders to have a great experience with joining Kletta.

And of course we are also available to you at any time, so you can simple book a support all in our calendar from within your Practice Portal.

Kletta enjoys helping to give our partners more of their time back to grow their business

- be that in helping you in growing your sole trader estate or you utilising that time to provide value add services to your clients.

  • Access relevant transactions and receipts in just a few clicks

  • Review and amend records within a few seconds each day

  • Complete ITSA year and more quickly and submit at a less busy time of year


Every day accounting gets better with Kletta.


Stewart Brown.png

In our mission at Tandem Business Solutions to support Sole Traders and business start ups, we always recommend the Kletta App to our clients.

We simply love the fact that the functionality of the App identifies and satisfies the needs of a Sole Trader.

This means we can further support our clients whenever needed, simply by logging into their app. The level of support Kletta enables my practice to offer our client base is a real win-win scenario for all.

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, 

Tandem Business Solutions Ltd

Great Feedback from Sole Trader Clients  

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, Tandem Business Solutions

In this clip, Stewart Brown, the Director of Tandem Business Solutions, shares some positive feedback he's received from clients about Kletta, a piece of software for small sole trader businesses. One client who switched from another solution to Kletta found it much easier to use and was thrilled with the software. Another client, who had limited experience with software, was able to hit the ground running with Kletta and quickly got the hang of it. Brown is encouraged by this feedback and is confident in the software's ability to help businesses streamline their accounting processes. If you're looking for software to manage your small business finances, you might want to give Kletta a try based on these positive reviews.

Kletta for Accountants.

Dedicated support for Practices.

With a Partner Pack resources, presentations and 'How to' guides to support your enablement in easily and quickly onboarding your sole traders.


Kletta Media Pack

To enable you to market and grow your Kletta sole trader estate.


Kletta Community

Beyond newsletters and annual timelines We will provide opportunity for you as Kletta partner to exchange ideas and mutual best practice support via our Kletta accounting hub from within your portal. 

Kletta for Accountants Pricing.

Let's make life easy for Accountants & their Sole Trader clients.

We have very easy and straightforward commercials our partners are billed based on number of active users per month.

Kletta price is £5 per user per month for Practice Partners.

WebPortal & App Left.png

After 3 month FREE trial period 

If you have 10 users using Kletta at £5 per user per month = Totally £50 will be charged monthly.


How do we charge? 

We use Stripe as our payments partner. You have options for how you can pay your monthly subscription.



Kletta is FREE for trial of 3 months – and then you pay a monthly free for a minimum term of 12 months.

Kletta for Accountants Trial. 

Let's make life easy for Accountants & their Sole Trader clients.

Remote Access + App.png

Start your Kletta for Accountants Trial Today


Quick registration gives you access to your dedicated Kletta Practice Cloud Portal where you can perform all the tasks needed.

On registration you will recieve a welcome email providing you with all assets you need -  the same assets are permanently available to you within the portal. So you can run your practice with all the support you need


Additionally you can Book a start up session with us directly from the Portal where we can discuss all the support you need and answer any questions to set up your trial for success.


We will take care of onboarding you sole traders for you – we have great assets and resources within our program -  and to get everyone on the same page as quickly as possible.

Kletta for Accountants Weekly webinar.

Let us demonstrate to you how Kletta makes life easy for Accountants & their Sole Trader clients.

Join one of our weekly “Meet and Greet’  webinars where you can meet other practices that are new to Kletta and ask questions of customer success and founders. 

If not yet a Kletta practice partner – feel free to join and learn more about Kletta. Looking forward to seeing you on one soon.

WebPortal & App Left.png

Every Wednesday at 12.30 pm

Book a consultation to become a Practice Partner.

Where we will be more than happy to discuss Kletta for Accountants with you and perform a demo of the Portal and app.

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Book 1 : 1 meeting with 
Kevin Maguire

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