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DAS vs. Accountex

Well, it’s been two weeks since DAS (Digital Accountancy Show), and we are still talking about it. It’s sort of a 'post-great holiday' vibe where you wish it went on for longer and can’t wait for your next trip to your favourite place to come around again.

I said when we were there, "the only thing that would make this better is if it were two days," then I found out it will be two days next year AND that it’ll be in April – so a real treat awaits, and we are looking forward to it already.

Thanks to Dan for a great event and a great venue - the venue looked like a Miami nightclub both day and night and contributed to the ‘holiday’ feel with the weather helping too – it was hot and fun.

So, how can Team Kletta compare it to Accountex? Somewhat unfairly, to be honest, as we took two different approaches as a new business to each event!

At Accountex, we were visitors – albeit in Kletta branded clothing - and we simply participated as attendees and met many of our new accountant and bookkeeping friends! A quick thank you to all our new connections and new partners, we are excited to be working with you. Accountex was a great experience for Team Kletta to see just how great the industry events are and how well-organised everyone is.

At DAS, we chose to launch Kletta – coming out of stealth mode – getting a stand to be able to demonstrate fully our Kletta for Accountants cloud platform of practice portal and sole trader app. So, to that end, DAS was a great place to launch Kletta and start making gentle waves in this very large pond with our unique solution approach and soft launch.

Below is the link to our Launch article on the DAS website

At DAS the relaxed atmosphere and fantastic after party completely paired with our intent and ambition and we had a great time taking our first step into the events space as a team, business and brand.

So, thank you Dan Cockerton and DAS team it was a tres, tres cool way for us to launch at such a great event. See you in April 2024!

So Accountex - you are next! We are going to continue our journey with you in Manchester and we’ll be at stand E17.

My Finnish co-founders and colleagues didn’t get the irony of my rubbish Dad joke about us being “the next accounting fintech boyband, but more like ‘new kids on the block’ no??”

Reality is we are in our mid 40’s to early 50’s so we’ll just stick to solid demos and business benefits for our partners... Though if the after party is going to be anything like the DAS after party (a high bar Accountex team) then you will definitely see these ‘new kids on the block’ throwing some old school, old - well middle aged - men shapes on the dance floor.

Thanks DAS and Accountex for welcoming us in, we really look forward to participating in your next events. Thanks also to all our new Accounting and Bookkeeping friends we have made, and to those who have not yet met us – come and see us at Accountex Manchester.

Or see us each week at 12 Noon Thursday as we interview our new practice partners in our ‘Lunch with Kletta’ webinar series.

The first 10 attendees through the door at 12 Noon receive a £20 Deliveroo gift card to enjoy a lunch on Kletta.

Speak soon.

Team Kletta

Boy band references, dad jokes and copy the sole responsibility of Kev Maguire

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