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Accountant Testimonials.

Finding Inspiration with Kletta Accountants Testimonials


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In our mission at Tandem Business Solutions to support Sole Traders and business start ups, we always recommend the Kletta App to our clients.

We simply love the fact that the functionality of the App identifies and satisfies the needs of a Sole Trader.

This means we can further support our clients whenever needed, simply by logging into their app. The level of support Kletta enables my practice to offer our client base is a real win-win scenario for all.

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, 

Tandem Business Solutions Ltd

Great Feedback from Sole Trader Clients  

Stewart Brown, Managing Director, Tandem Business Solutions

In this clip, Stewart Brown, the Director of Tandem Business Solutions, shares some positive feedback he's received from clients about Kletta, a piece of software for small sole trader businesses. One client who switched from another solution to Kletta found it much easier to use and was thrilled with the software. Another client, who had limited experience with software, was able to hit the ground running with Kletta and quickly got the hang of it. Brown is encouraged by this feedback and is confident in the software's ability to help businesses streamline their accounting processes. If you're looking for software to manage your small business finances, you might want to give Kletta a try based on these positive reviews.

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